Spring Clutter and Cleaning on All Levels

 As we move from Spring Equinox, it is apparent that big changes are happening all around us.  We see the awakening of plants, bugs and animals from their winter slumber.  We notice neighbours and friends getting their homes and gardens in order – spring cleaning and renovations are a common sight.  There is an excitement in the air – people and projects moving forward, making changes to themselves and their world.  Out with the old and unnecessary and In with the new and useful.  There is something very freeing when we unburden ourselves from unnecesary items.  It gives us room to breathe, stretch and create.  But spring cleaning is not just an external event!Clutter can be in the form of emotions, thoughts and reactions which no longer serve our highest good. When we free ourselves from long-time hurt and pain, we allow space for healing and forgiveness to take place.  When we free ourselves from guilt and shame, we allow space for self-respect and self-love to grow.  When we free ourselves from anger and blame, we allow space for peace and understanding to bloom.  De-cluttering our mind and heart helps set many wonderful things into motion.

Clutter does not help us feel free to be ourselves and to realize our highest aspects. We become burdened with the history of our pain as it takes alot of our energy, time and attention away from more helpful, healthful ways of being in the present.  The past cannot be changed, yet our reactions to the past can.  Our reactions and attitudes are under our control.  We can choose to hang on to that which no longer serves to bring joy into our lives and continue in our pain. Or we can decide to make internal changes that move towards experiencing our personal happiness and fulfilling our purpose.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  So it is with our internal spring cleaning.  We can’t deal with everything at once.  However, we can begin to take small steps towards freedom from internal clutter.  And as these steps begin to pick up momentum, we can tackle more clutter.  Eventually, the sense of personal freedom and happiness grows and outweighs the clutter.

What holds people back from releasing their clutter? 

  • Fear of the unknown:  we know how life is this way, we don’t know how it will be if we do this personal growth work.
  • Sense of undeserving:  if we release the old, it will be replaced with new;  do we feel worthy of receiving this gift?
  • Stuck in the drama:  we love to have something to complain about and to blame for our less than perfect life; if we gave this up, where would we get the excitement or buzz from?
  • Unawareness:  we have no idea that we are thinking, feeling or behaving in ways that are not healthy and helpful to us; we don’t know there could be a better life for us.
  • Fear of self-responsibility: the idea of being totally responsible for our lives is too daunting for many;  easier to have someone else run our lives and tell us what we are/can do/will think.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself and setting yourself on the road to personal freedom from internal clutter, there are many ways you can achieve this goal.  The first is to acknowledge that you are no longer willing to carry on with the burdens that block your freedom to a more happy/healthy way of being. Say “Yes” to “You”.  From there, your spring cleaning can begin!


Article written by Pat Antoniak Registered Nurse-Registered Aromatherapist and owner of the Natural Comfort Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen, BC.

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