Flower Psychometry

Looking around the yard, I realized that our mild winter is causing many plants to awaken from their winter sleep. To see Snowdrops, Crocus, early Daffodils and Winter Heath either coming up or in bloom right now is truly exciting news. It got me wondering what the folklore and “readings” were for these amazing plants, so I turned to Suzy Chiazzari’s book on Flower Readings – her book on the ancient art of flower psychometry. Here is what she has to say.

From the earliest ages, plants have been endowed with meanings and mystic powers until they have become inextricably woven into the folklore of all countries. Flower Psychometry is an ancient art where the practitioner has the knowledge and ability to interpret the messages held in flowers themselves. It takes into account the way in which a flower grows, its shape, colour, where it is found and what is attracted or repelled by it. Different parts of the flower mirror different parts of our being. When you look at a flower from above, the outer circle will correspond to the physical body. The inner circle will correspond to our emotional and mental bodies. The centre or pistil will relate to our inner “core” or soul.

Here are some of the healing descriptions given to many of our winter/spring flowers: ·

  • Snowdrops – symbol of life and hope since they are usually the first flowers to appear after the winter
  • Daffodils – in the Victorian language of flowers, they were believed to be the flower of regard. Their trumpet shape suggests a theme of vocal celebration. It also suggests a time for new ideas and plans
  • Camellia – this flower represents a celebration of your inner beauty
  • Heath and Heathers – are said to be connected to one’s ability for self-reliance and survival
  • Iris – the word is Greek for “the eye of Heaven” which is usually associated with the rainbow. A symbol of purity and majesty; pink is holy love; blue and violet bring creative expression. All irises remind us of communication between heaven and earth
  • Primrose – has to do with lightness and cleansing on all levels

Take a look at your garden and see what your plants are telling you.

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