Desiderata Revisited

On my recent vacation to Antigua, I spent many hours walking the beach, wading in the turquoise water and collecting special seashells and beach glass as souvenirs . On one particular afternoon, I found myself looking out to sea and hearing this phrase in my head:  Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be Continue Reading →

Happiness and Health

Those in the counseling professions will often say that there are more incidents of depression/suicide during and following the Holiday Season that at any other time of the year. Some of the reasons include the re-emergence of dysfunctional relationship issues which clash with the high hopes and expectations for a “perfect” family gathering. This clash of fantasy VS reality can make it Continue Reading →

An Attitude of Gratitude

Seeing as we are fast approaching the Canadian Thanksgiving,  I thought I’d share a few musings that reflect the spirit of this holiday.  I have a few quotes from Ivan Rados, a Vancouver-based artist and new-age writer/philosopher.  I hope you enjoy them. “ Life is a beautiful adventure to in all its “unknowable knowingness”.  The mind prompts us to erect Continue Reading →