Aroma Genera Revisited

It’s been awhile since we reviewed the fundamentals of Aroma-Genera Therapy.  This aromatherapy treatment modality was developed and introduced in the 1990’s by Valerie Ann Worwood, a British aromatherapist.  Her 1995 book, The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood and Emotion helped introduce, explain and outline some aspects of the Aroma-Genera typologies and treatments to the masses.  Although the Continue Reading →

Quick Fix Meditation

Articles abound regarding the health benefits of taking time to include meditation in our daily care. The health benefits listed include things like greater clarity of thinking, deeper relaxation, better quality sleep, increased productivity, greater creativity, more energy etc.  Most people acknowledge that spending time every day in quiet introspection and relaxation is a great idea.  The question is “How”?  Continue Reading →

Antidote to Bullying

The Universe sends us messages in creative ways – if we are open and listening. This happened recently as I witnessed the ways in which people around our community coped with the recent winter storms and power outages and as I watched a commercial during the World Juniors Hockey Tournament television coverage. Different views, same subject! What I witnessed at Continue Reading →