Inventory as a Metaphor

While attending to the usual business year-end inventory count, I was struck with how this process can be a metaphor for many things. Who knew that by counting inventory stock and reorganizing it in one’s work space, many other lessons and comparisons could be made?  It wasn’t something I went looking for, but I’m glad I found it! The process Continue Reading →

Essential Oils and the Summer Sun

Summertime – and the sunshine is intense.  Great idea to use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and sun damage;  most people would consider this a no-brainer.  But did you know there are some essential oils that will react with the sun’s ultraviolet rays and create unpleasant and painful skin reactions?  The phenomenon is called photo-sensitivity – and it can be quite Continue Reading →

Courage and the Pioneering Spirit

On a recent trip through British Columbia to Alberta, I was struck by the pure majesty of our country.  From verdant forests to rock bare deserts; flowing rivers and waterfalls to stiff stone mountain ranges;  every colour of the rainbow to blackness.  As I soaked up this splendour, I wondered how it came to be that someone from a distant Continue Reading →

Garden Wisdom

As the Spring gardens continue to burst forth with life, I am humbled and in awe of the regenerative and restorative powers of Nature. While it restores itself, it also restores me. Form, colour, aroma and textures all come together in a way that is nothing short than miraculous. The healing energy coming from the garden showers down and around Continue Reading →

Messages in the Roses

As we come upon Valentines Day, many people will be choosing roses as a means of conveying their affection and love.  In days gone by, elaborate messages were communicated through bouquets, as each plant translated its own vocabulary.  Flower colour make a difference to the scent of a rose, and also to its medicinal benefits. I had the pleasure of Continue Reading →

2017 is Number One in Numerology

Numerology is the study of a cosmic code that uses numbers for its symbols. Each number is a symbol for a truth which can assist with personal awareness and growth. Each number has unique qualities and associations which make for a more in depth understanding of ourselves and our world. Numerolgy is used for insight into both who we are Continue Reading →