Myrrh and Frankincense

December is associated with many aromas: vanilla and spices in hot drinks and baking;  evergreens in boughs and trees;  sage and rosemary in dressing for turkey;  myrrh and frankincense for the Christmas story.  Most of these fragrances are familiar to us – except perhaps those aromas associated with the Christmas story. In aromatherapy, these two resin oils are incredible in Continue Reading →


During November, we have opportunities for Remembrance.  By definition, this is a time of acknowledging and reflecting upon the past.  People, places, pets, objects, situations from our past come forth to be acknowledged and “remembered”. The month starts with All Saints Day and the Feast of the Dead.  At this time, it is believed that the veil separating the living Continue Reading →

Inventory as a Metaphor

While attending to the usual business year-end inventory count, I was struck with how this process can be a metaphor for many things. Who knew that by counting inventory stock and reorganizing it in one’s work space, many other lessons and comparisons could be made?  It wasn’t something I went looking for, but I’m glad I found it! The process Continue Reading →

Essential Oils and the Summer Sun

Summertime – and the sunshine is intense.  Great idea to use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and sun damage;  most people would consider this a no-brainer.  But did you know there are some essential oils that will react with the sun’s ultraviolet rays and create unpleasant and painful skin reactions?  The phenomenon is called photo-sensitivity – and it can be quite Continue Reading →

Courage and the Pioneering Spirit

On a recent trip through British Columbia to Alberta, I was struck by the pure majesty of our country.  From verdant forests to rock bare deserts; flowing rivers and waterfalls to stiff stone mountain ranges;  every colour of the rainbow to blackness.  As I soaked up this splendour, I wondered how it came to be that someone from a distant Continue Reading →

Garden Wisdom

As the Spring gardens continue to burst forth with life, I am humbled and in awe of the regenerative and restorative powers of Nature. While it restores itself, it also restores me. Form, colour, aroma and textures all come together in a way that is nothing short than miraculous. The healing energy coming from the garden showers down and around Continue Reading →

Messages in the Roses

As we come upon Valentines Day, many people will be choosing roses as a means of conveying their affection and love.  In days gone by, elaborate messages were communicated through bouquets, as each plant translated its own vocabulary.  Flower colour make a difference to the scent of a rose, and also to its medicinal benefits. I had the pleasure of Continue Reading →

2017 is Number One in Numerology

Numerology is the study of a cosmic code that uses numbers for its symbols. Each number is a symbol for a truth which can assist with personal awareness and growth. Each number has unique qualities and associations which make for a more in depth understanding of ourselves and our world. Numerolgy is used for insight into both who we are Continue Reading →