Gemstones and Their Stories

At this time of year, people often give and receive gemstone jewelry pieces as gifts. Most people are familiar with the names of precious and semi-precious stones. But what about the legends, folklore and special significances that have been attributed to them over time?  Thanks to Judy Hall’s book, 101 Power Crystals  here are some of the stories you may Continue Reading →

Cypress Oil For Grief and Moving On

Cypress is a tree associated with graveyards, grief and eternity.  In Aroma Genera, the therapeutic system developed by British aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood, there is strength found in its fragrance. She describes its characteristics to include wisdom, strength, protective, righteous and direct. “It is a symbol of eternity – directing itself to the heavens and answering to no one but Continue Reading →

The Hero’s Journey: Finding our Truth

The Hero’s Journey helps people understand their road to self-discovery, mastery and their truth. This road uses universal archetypes as guides along our journey.  We are all familiar with these archetypes because they exist in our collective psychological consciousness. We can find them by going inward to our dreams and fantasies or outward by examining myths, legends, art, literature, religion Continue Reading →

Risk the Dream

Reflecting back upon the dreams, risks, successes, failures, and choices made that have brought me to this place and time in my life, all I can say is WOW!  Sometimes, the changes and risks were straightforward and effortless, “in the flow” and easy to incorporate.  Other times, things got so chaotic that I’d scream, “Stop the world – I want Continue Reading →

Emotional Release with Aroma-Genera

In last month’s newsletter, I referred to the emotional release technique, created by Valerie Ann Worwood, called Aroma-Genera.  Since that article, I have received some questions about this technique and how it is done. As a Registered Aroma-Genera Therapist for 15 years, it is my pleasure to offer more information.  Here is part of an article I wrote for our Continue Reading →

The Lavender Personality

The gardens are coming alive with flowers and herbs – at least here on the West Coast.  And Lavenders, which usually wait until June to burst forth, are starting to show their colours now.  Much is written about Lavender as a herb, flower and essential oil.  In Aroma Genera, the therapy created by British aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood, we look Continue Reading →

Spring Clutter and Cleaning on All Levels

 As we move from Spring Equinox, it is apparent that big changes are happening all around us.  We see the awakening of plants, bugs and animals from their winter slumber.  We notice neighbours and friends getting their homes and gardens in order – spring cleaning and renovations are a common sight.  There is an excitement in the air – people Continue Reading →

The Family Care-Giver and Burn-out

 Looking through my latest journal from the Canadian Nurses Association, I was struck by a couple of comments on those caring for a family member or friend. “About 13 million Canadians are providing some type of care to a family member or friend, with age-related health issues being the most common reason this help is needed. …  It is estimated Continue Reading →