Spiritual Practices in Today’s World

Spiritual traditions and practices teach techniques to help seekers transform themselves and their lives.  As the darkest days of the year approach, they invite us to be still for a moment and “go within” to discover the answers we seek.  Spiritual practices are not necessarily religious, as spirituality can exist quite well without religious dogma.  Spiritual practices can be as Continue Reading →

Respiratory Health During Cold & Flu Season

 Cold and Flu season is gaining momentum. Both conditions can be transmitted through airborne germs, which are then breathed into our nose, sinuses, mouth, throat and lungs.  It is necessary for the respiratory tract to remain intact, clean and moist in order to help fend off these germs.  The whole tract is lined with specialized skin called mucous membranes.  The Continue Reading →

Victimization, Helplessness and Caretaking

Some people have a firmly ingrained belief that they are victims and their feelings of helplessness and misery are habitual.  Victimization has been likened to wearing a grey cloak that surrounds us, both attracting that which will victimize us and causing us to create the feelings of victimization.  Victimization can be so habitual that we may feel victimized even when Continue Reading →

Cycles, Seasons and Changes

Life has its cycles and seasons:  waking, sleeping, working, playing, birth, death, rebirth and so on.  There are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and life-time rhythms that help us with lessons and movement in our lives. There are internal and external cycles influencing us at every turn, to help us learn and grow. These lessons are designed to create change in Continue Reading →

Weight and Emotional Eating

Weight and emotional eating are two sides of the same coin. A few years ago, several people here at the Centre used the Dukan Diet to successfully lose weight and improve their health.  But interestingly, several people now report that their weight is going up again – and significantly for some. The most common reason I’ve heard for this weight Continue Reading →

Inner Power

The world lost a great story-teller and role-model this week, when Maya Angelou died.  At age 86, she still inspired folks with her optimistic and philosophical writings and recordings.  Her life wasn’t always easy, having experienced racial discrimination, sexual abuse and poverty in her early years. She elected to retreat from life and its pain for many years, but upon Continue Reading →

What is Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphosed limestone that contains blue Lazurite.   It also contains Pyrite, which adds a golden sparkle, and Calcite which shows up as white flecks.  Other trace minerals may be present, too.  Lapis is Latin for stone . Both the names Lazuli and Lazurite are derived from the Persian word lazhuward   and Latin word  lazulum , Continue Reading →

Desiderata Revisited

On my recent vacation to Antigua, I spent many hours walking the beach, wading in the turquoise water and collecting special seashells and beach glass as souvenirs . On one particular afternoon, I found myself looking out to sea and hearing this phrase in my head:  Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be Continue Reading →

Change and Transformation

Understanding that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed, is a good place to start when one looks at transformation.   Since transformation is taking what currently exists and creating something different,  it is somewhat reassuring to see that nothing is ever really lost in the process;  just changed from what it once was.  Yet for some, even the thought Continue Reading →

The Merits of Positive Self-Esteem

Years ago, I asked my nursing students, “If you could give a child one gift, what would it be? ”  As expected, responses such as love, understanding, protection, support, health, education were listed.  And while all of these are important, I challenged them to consider something else.  I offered the suggestion that giving a child positive self-esteem and self-worth would Continue Reading →