Aroma Genera Therapy

Those of you who have experienced an aromatherapy massage know firsthand how some aromas make you smile and some make you grimace. There is more to this than meets the nose. In her book, The Fragrant Mind, British Aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood describes how certain aromas can evoke emotional, psychological and physical reactions just by smelling them. Her treatment protocol, Continue Reading →

Reflections on Mystery and Magic

In preparation for this weekend’s course, I have reflected upon what one could consider the mystery and magic in life. For some, ” magick ” is the active belief that the forces of Nature can be accessed through the use of certain rites, formulas or behaviours. These forces are considered preternatural and supernatural. Preternatural forces exceed or diverge from the Continue Reading →

Recognizing Your Purpose

There are times when the road ahead seems hard to follow and our purpose becomes unclear. There are moments in life that just don’t make sense and we ask ourselves Why? It isn’t always easy to have clarity on these issues, but it is essential for us to try. I have always found this exercise from Debbie Shapiro’s book, Your Continue Reading →

Hydrosols and Aromatic Waters

There are two main waters collected from distillation of aromatic plant materials. Hydrosols are the waters created during steam distillation for essential oil production;  they could be seen as a “by-product” of essential oil production. On the other hand,   Aromatic Waters  are created from water distillation of aromatic plant materials specifically for the water-soluble components found in the plant material. Both Continue Reading →

Happiness and Health

Those in the counseling professions will often say that there are more incidents of depression/suicide during and following the Holiday Season that at any other time of the year. Some of the reasons include the re-emergence of dysfunctional relationship issues which clash with the high hopes and expectations for a “perfect” family gathering. This clash of fantasy VS reality can make it Continue Reading →

What is Healing Music

There is mounting evidence that music can improve health and healing.   Those of you who have visited the Centre know, we play a variety of musical CDs in the Reception Area as well as each treatment room.  The selections are varied, but most people say that the music is calming and/or uplifting. I have wondered if any musically-inclined people Continue Reading →

Guidance from Above

Sometimes I’m asked about the concept of Ascended Masters. The idea can be confusing and a bit frightening if one doesn’t have proper information. Some people have thought that these Masters were being glorified as one would do so for God or the Divine Universal Energy (or insert the word that works for you), and therefore worried that this constituted Continue Reading →

Gone to the Birds

Here on the West Coast, we are blessed with such a variety of flying, feathered friends. It’s hard not to notice the many birds coming out of hiding, so to speak, in response to the warm spring weather we’ve been experiencing lately. With the awe and amazement generated by their presence and actions,  I turned to Ted Andrews for some Continue Reading →

The Family Trap

Everyone knows someone who has an addiction problem. It could be an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, sex, shopping, eating or just about anything else that fills their need. The statistics are telling. What isn’t always told is the toll the addiction problem takes on immediate family members. In many cases, it is truly too much for folks Continue Reading →

Chakra Basics

We refer to “chakras ” in many of our articles and when performing treatment sessions here at the Centre.  But some clients are not familiar with their meanings. Here is a quick reference guide to chakra basics, what they are and what they do.  Thanks to Anodea Judith’s website for this information. (her book, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide Continue Reading →