Energy Therapies

energy with handsEnergy Therapies are those which help to balance, transform and recharge the human energy field, also known as aura,  around us.  There are many therapies which perform these functions;  some are stand-alone techniques while others combine several techniques and tools.  All assist the individual with transformation of negatives to positives.


Amethyst geodeBesides the hands-on techniques of healing which have been passed down for generations, certain energy healing tools can also be employed. Sound, colour, crystals and aroma have all been used as tools to help with energy healing and transformation.  For thousands of years, they have
provided comfort, protection, strength, health and help with expression.  Now, with the help of quantum physics, their influence on the human
energy field can be measured and verified.

This energy field / aura, responds well to energy work.  It is helpful for acute and chronic conditions – but why wait?  Maintenance sessions help keep the body, mind and spirit in radiant balance.

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