Custom Product Blending

Aromatherapy productsAromatherapy blending is the ideal way to get a product that does exactly what you want!   You are unique – so should the blend you use!  A custom blending appointment starts with a private consultation about the reasons for wanting a blend. It could be for your personal care, help for a loved one, environmental issues (in your home, work or vehicle) or even your pets’ health. The method of use will be chosen, based upon what the blend will be used for, as well as your personal preference. Selection of the essential oils is done together – your input is crucial. Some Essential Oilsproducts we can create include diffuser blends for sleep, colds, allergies, relaxation; body oils, creams, lotions or gels; sprays, misters, inhalers; reed diffusers, roll-ons, gargles and more! The final product is created and its instructions are reviewed.   Your custom product is then ready to be taken home.



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