Retail Store

Our Retail Store has a little of everything to help you create a more balanced, peaceful and creative life for yourself and others.  Our retail items come and go regularly, so best to come in often to check things out!

We are pleased to offer new books and card sets for your reading and learning pleasure.
Some of the newest offerings include:
Kyle Gray:  Angel Prayers oracle cards and books; Raise Your Vibration book:
Keepers of the Light oracle cards
Collette Baron-Reid:  The Good Tarot oracle deck and Chakra meditation CD
Cheryl Richardson:  Art of Extreme Self-Care books and card deck
Cassandra Eason: Fairie Magic
Lissa Rankin:  The Fear Cure
How to Heal Your Brain after a Stroke
Children’s Books on Self-Esteem by Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer
Good Night Yoga books (fun for the whole family!)
Card Decks for Teenagers
4-Minutes to Change Your Life
Fairies and Elementals for Beginners
Mythology Bible
Astrology Bible

And Lots More! 

 Aromatherapy Sprays created by Pat – some old recipes, some new!
 3 New Star Chakra Sprays: 
Earth Star, Core Star and Soul Star
Smudging Spray
Psychic Protection Spray
Aura Cleanser Spray
Goddess Within Spray
3 Infection Protection Sprays: 
Camphor Cowboy, Melissa Magic and Spicy Superhero


New Jewelry in Store Now
Aromatherapy Crystal Bracelets
just place your favourite essential oil or blend on the bead and enjoy the fragrance everywhere you go.  Need a change?  The bead can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Once dry, you can add a new blend to the bead.

Aromatherapy Pendants each pendant comes with five colourful absorbent discs which can be infused with your favourite essential oil or blend.

Crystal Jewelry  Lots of Bracelets to choose from!  Round and Flat Bead Bracelets,   Shambala Bracelets, Chakra Bead Bracelets and Buddha Bead Bracelets.

Rings in all sizes! 
Stone Rings, Rainbow Hematite Rings and Crystal Point Rings.

Come in and find your treasure!


Book display
We have several “how-to” and inspirational books for your reading pleasure.  From meditation to mind-body theories, animal totems to aromatherapy, angels to dealing with life changes, we have much to choose from.  We also have oracle card decks by several well-known authors to help with life lessons and gifts.

Meditation Supplies:

Tibetan BowlNeed to create a quiet, sacred space in your home or office?  A place to be still, breathe deeply and dream?  We have meditation music, crystals, candles, smudging supplies and aromatherapy oils and sprays to help you create your perfect space!  We also have chakra chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, inspirational banners and pillows to complete your unique design.

Energy Therapy Products:

CandlesThe human energy field can be boosted, balanced and protected with the use of colour, sound, crystals and aroma.  Colour Energy baths, chakra candles, music and crystals in various shapes and colours are all easy and effective ways to alter your energy field.  Aromatherapy sprays for your body and home can quickly dispel negativity and fear and improve your mood.  Using positive affirmations from oracle cards helps keep negative thoughts from getting in the way of your happiness.

Gift Items:

Gift Ideas

We are constantly sourcing unique, meaningful items that would be wonderful gifts for special occasions and situations.  Our selection is ever-changing, so come in often to see what’s new.

Gift Dollars:
Easy, affordable and appreciated!

Need a special gift for someone, but not sure what they want?  Our Gift Dollars can be purchased in any dollar amount and used as payment for anything in the Store.

Gift Dollars can also be used for any Service or Seminar/Event offered at the Centre.

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