Garden Wisdom

As the Spring gardens continue to burst forth with life, I am humbled and in awe of the regenerative and restorative powers of Nature. While it restores itself, it also restores me. Form, colour, aroma and textures all come together in a way that is nothing short than miraculous. The healing energy coming from the garden showers down and around me and helps me become grounded, calm and joyful.

The forms in the garden inspire the imagination. Notice how the Fibonacci sequence can be found in the unfolding of the petals of roses or sunflowers and the unfurling of ferns. These plant spirals grow by exactly 1.618 each cycle. In Sacred Geometry, this is called the Golden Ratio and is known to be one of the most appealing shapes to the human eye.  It was how Da Vinci created his Vitruvian Man – just look at how the spirals and lines dissect the image.

The colours in the garden reflect those of the rainbow – and then some!  Each colour has a part to play in restoring and balancing our energy centres.  The reds, oranges and yellows offer us energy, vitality, security, joy and focus; can’t be sad when they are surrounding us with their gifts!  The blues, purples and pinks are more calming and soothing;  they help us to dream, rest and connect to the greater powers.  All gardens have lots of greens – light, dark and everything in between!  Green is a great balancer – it is the physical heart energy and is a colour that helps us find our centre.  That place of peace within, at our core.

The aromas in the garden can take us on a magical ride!  Inhale the lilies, lilacs, roses, sweet peas, mock orange and lavenders and see where you go in your mind!  Pick the fresh herbs – smell and taste them to really appreciate their aromatic gifts. Without aroma, food would taste bland.  Without the aroma of flowers, the garden would not be complete.  Gardens and their flowers help us to imagine, remember and smile.

The textures in the garden offer us a tangible way to help anchor our experiences in the garden.  Gentle petals, fuzzy leaves, spiny twigs, soft grass and moss all call us to come and connect.  If you’re not sure about this, watch a youngster in the garden.  Learn from their delight.  Connect with the plants and feel your tensions melt away.  Hug a tree or sit up against it and feel the strength it shares.  Braid some grass, create a flower headpiece, arrange flowers in a vase or create something beautiful with the plants you find in the garden.

June is a most magical month for experiencing the healing gifts from the garden.  Give yourself the gift of time spent in a garden each day – and see how your world responds.  I am sure that you, too, will feel grateful for Nature’s gifts you receive.


Article written by Patricia Antoniak Registered Nurse – Aromatherapist, owner of the Natural Comfort Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen, BC.

Did you know ……

  • Edible flowers include:  roses, violets, pansies, nasturtiums, calendula, daylilies, squash blossoms, flowers of edible herbs, lavender. borage and orchids
  • If you plan to eat the flowers, be sure they have not been sprayed with toxic herbicides or pesticides or have had toxic fertilizers used on them.
  • Fill an ice cube tray with water and press one or two small edible flowers into each section.  Freeze until solid.  Use the cubes in any cocktail or drink


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