Future, Today and the Past

“Today is yesterday, but in its future state of being.”
This is the type of thing a quantum physicist would say – and it can be really trippy to understand! Yet if we pause and think about it, we know this to be true.  By understanding how our yesterdays can influence our todays and tomorrows, we can appreciate how precious each day really is.

Another message to be taken from this is that whatever our yesterday was, it helped create our today.  And today is what helps create our tomorrow.  If we want a better tomorrow for ourselves, we must start with now. Now will soon become our yesterday, our past – so by changing the energy of now to something we wish to have more of in our life, we set our  life course to be more in keeping with what we truly want for ourselves.  And our world.  Therein lies the key.

Projection from the past into the future may seem a far-fetched idea,  yet this is how energy works. Energy can’t be destroyed;  it can only be transformed. Energy is present in our words, thoughts, feelings and actions.  We are encouraged to use positive words and affirmations to describe ourselves and our world, visualize abundance on all levels and in all dimensions, focus on joyful, loving, compassionate, fearless  thoughts and actions towards ourselves and others.  In other words, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”  (Gandhi)

It is difficult for some folks to realize that their future really is in their hands.  To accept this would mean to give up a way of living and relating to others that has become familiar, a habit, co-dependent, or too comfortable for them .  It would mean that the mantle of self-responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions, falls firmly on their own shoulders.  It also means that successes and failures in their lives are ultimately their own. For many, this is just too frightening.

We have been given free-will and this is our ticket to freedom of choice or entrapment.  To use free-will wisely requires an understanding of rights and responsibilities that come with being here and participating in life.  It seems there is a lot of talk about freedoms and rights these days,  but if this is not balanced with responsibility towards self and others, then it becomes warped.  It can morph into an overwhelming sense of entitlement that serves only the Ego.  Or it can show itself as victimization -it’s  someone else’s fault for my life.

Many folks re-live and recreate their past traumas and dramas in their daily lives.  These then become their today which will project into the future.  How can anything change if the pattern remains the same?  What would it take to begin to create a different future for themselves?

Love works!  It helps with changing one’s inner critics and  negative self-talk into more loving, positive words and feelings towards self.  This inner shift may be subtle, but it has far-reaching effects.  It is like dropping a pebble into a pond – the ripples go out in all directions and change the surface of the water in that moment.

When we change how we view and feel about ourselves, we act differently, too.  These changes send out a different vibe to others.  These changes also help us to look at the world differently and respond to it differently.  Slowly but surely, we create the changes that our future has been waiting for!

Today is the future you’ve been waiting for.  What ripples will you be sending out into the world now?


Article written by Pat Antoniak Registered Nurse – Registered Aromatherapist and owner of the Natural Comfort Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen, BC.

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