Emotional Release with Aroma-Genera

In last month’s newsletter, I referred to the emotional release technique, created by Valerie Ann Worwood, called Aroma-Genera.  Since that article, I have received some questions about this technique and how it is done. As a Registered Aroma-Genera Therapist for 15 years, it is my pleasure to offer more information.  Here is part of an article I wrote for our provincial aromatherapy association in Spring 2014, just prior to Valerie Worwood’s presentation to our group. It helps explain what it is and why one would use it.  I’ve then concluded this note with other comments pertinent to the questions I’ve recevied lately about Aroma-Genera.

The 1980-s and 1990’s found the use of aromatherapy and essential oils for health and beauty exploding around the world.  This was also a time when people were starting to seriously look for more natural ways to help restore and maintain good health for themselves and their loved ones.  The many books written by Valerie Ann Worwood were, and still are, the “go-to” references for many folks.  In fact, her trilogy consisting of The Fragrant Pharmacy,  The Fragrant Mind and The Fragrant Heavens  are often all one really needs to help find relief for mind-body-spirit issues.  One of her therapeutic systems,  called Aroma-Genera, has been of particular interest to many holistic therapists.  But what exactly is it?

Aroma-Genera uses nine personality types  (called the Genera) and corresponding essential oils  (called the Set of Nine) to access physiological or psychological events which may impede physical healing, emotional well-being and life in general.  These events often hold factors that have restricted a person’s advancement and true personality.  By exposing imposed or adopted personality traits, the events can be dealt with and the true personality can come forth.

The intentions and purposes of Aroma-Genera are three-fold:
1) To accurately choose any source of help that may avert or avoid any disharmony with a person’s conscious and sub-conscious being
2) To help a person become free and become who they truly are
3) To acknowledge their worth and importance wich allows for expansion and growth.

The nine personality types are listed and described in depth in The Fragrant Mind.  Each has a specific set of qualities and challenges which change as the personality goes through its Abundant, General or Impoverished states.  Each has specific physical, emotional, cognitive, relationship and spiritual characteristics, lessons, and strengths that can either help or hinder inner growth. Emmeshed trauma and genetic memory (as explained in the mind-body literature), miasms (as explained in homeopathy and energetic literature), and imposed personalities are all helped by using the Set of Nine oils.  The ultimate goal is to achieve the Abundant State of your True Personality/Self.

As a “classification” system, Aroma-Genera has some similarities to other counseling techniques and psychological tools used in psychotherapy.  However, the use of specific essential oils to facilitate the rapid release and rebalancing of mind-body-spirit, makes this a remarkable approach for therapists to use. ”
(BCAPA Spring 2014 Newsletter)

An actual Aroma-Genera session takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete.  Most long-term work is accomplished within 3 to 6 sessions done in weekly or bi-weekly succession.  Through mindful inhalation of each oil, a client has access to their own unique memories, imagination, insights and reactions. The therapist asks questions for clarification and description, but offers no interpretation of the client’s experience.  After all oils have been experienced, the therapist and client can discuss the session.  Often, the client is sent home with an oil or an essence to help work through and balance their issues.  Each week, more emotional release and balance is possible.

Aroma-Genera is useful in helping the artistic person get past any blocks to creativity and its expression; often called “being stuck”  or “drawing a blank”. For others, it can help identify and change self-sabbotaging thinking and actions.  It helps bring clarity to those seeking answers as to what their purpose and goals are in life.  For anyone wanting more happiness, satisfaction and joy in their life, it can help them to discover  how to achieve these for themselves.

So,  where will Aroma-Genera take you?


Article written by Pat Antoniak Registered Nurse-Registered Aromatherapist and owner of the Natural Comfort Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen, BC.

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