Colour Bathing Rituals

A Colour Bathing Ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.  Rituals help us do several things:

  • create a sacred space that will assist us in building a basic structure for personal development
  • increase an understanding of the energy flow we experience
  • contribute to our awareness and individual power
  • establish conditions where initiation on an inner level is accepted and experienced and where we can embrace heightened states of awareness
  • gain the confidence necessary to aquire the desired result without the means of ritual.

The use of water for cleansing and purification  goes back thousands of years.  Bathing can be seen as a way of offering a refreshing gift to yourself. When water is combined wih the healing properties of colour, the effect is amplified.  The Colour Energy system of coloured bathing products makes it easy to help restore and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Preparation for a Colour Bathing Ritual includes these suggestions:

  • prepare for the ritual by choosing tools that you want to integrate into the bathing ritual;  this could include use of music, candles, gemstones and/or essential oils in the water;  some people add Sea or Himalayan Salt to the water
  • concentrate on the matter in hand, if you have a specific intent or wish for using in the bath at this time
  • some people spend a few moments in prayer or meditation before beginning the healing bath;  this helps set the intention for the bath
  • set up the room, prepare the bath water and begin your healing colour bath
  • focus on the chakra needing attention

Most people stay in the bath for up to 30 minutes, but do what feels right for you.  Repeating the bath for a few days in a row is often more helpful than just doing it once. But follow your inner guru to know what is best for you.

We have more information at the Centre on how to create a Colour Bathing Ritual that is perfect for you.  Come and see us soon.  

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