An Attitude of Gratitude

Seeing as we are fast approaching the Canadian Thanksgiving,  I thought I’d share a few musings that reflect the spirit of this holiday.  I have a few quotes from Ivan Rados, a Vancouver-based artist and new-age writer/philosopher.  I hope you enjoy them.

Life is a beautiful adventure to in all its “unknowable knowingness”.  The mind prompts us to erect barriers to protect us from the unknown, yet none of us know what is going to happen next because freedom is unpredictable.

The capacity to be surprised is a great blessing.  It enables us to move into the unknown with courage and feel the thrill and wonder of an extraordinary existence.  We are simply asked to flow freely with it, weightless, trusting our inner reality.  Then our outer expression becomes a reflection of this flow.  Open to the unknown, we are excited and surprised by every moment, each of which usher us into a greater life.

We do not “practice” gratitude.  Rather, it is a consequence of our trust in the whole.  True gratitude cannot even be expressed because it is beyond words.  It’s an ecstasy of our being, the music of our stillness.  The more we feel grateful for all of life, the more joy and creativity flow to and through us.  Gratitude binds us in closer harmony with the creative energies of the Infinite Universe.”

taken from the book, Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry by Ivan Rados

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