Messages in the Roses

As we come upon Valentines Day, many people will be choosing roses as a means of conveying their affection and love.  In days gone by, elaborate messages were communicated through bouquets, as each plant translated its own vocabulary.  Flower colour make a difference to the scent of a rose, and also to its medicinal benefits. I had the pleasure of Continue Reading →

2017 is Number One in Numerology

Numerology is the study of a cosmic code that uses numbers for its symbols. Each number is a symbol for a truth which can assist with personal awareness and growth. Each number has unique qualities and associations which make for a more in depth understanding of ourselves and our world. Numerolgy is used for insight into both who we are Continue Reading →

Religion, Spirituality and Mysticism

As we enter the Longest Night and await the Birth of the Light after Winter Solstice,  it is interesting to note how many religions and spiritual traditions use this time of year for powerful teachings and events.  Three levels of understanding await the seeker on her/his transformational journey. Religion, Spirituality and Mysticism are related but different levels of understanding of Continue Reading →

Rosemary is for More Than Remembrance

The herb Rosemary has been a symbol of remembrance for ions. In herbal folklore, “Rosemary is for Remembering”.  It was often used at times of funerals, anniversaries and when soldiers marched off to war.  Its aroma has always been uplifting and stimulating; sharp, herbaceous and slightly camphorous are some adjectives used to describe its aroma. The penetrating aroma sharpens the Continue Reading →

Healing Through ACOA

The mind has time to wander and wonder while walking along a beautiful beach.  Connections and realizations seem to occur more easily when Nature is your companion. Here is how my mind “wandered and wondered” while on a recent vacation. What do Antigua, Eliot Ness and Rutgers University have in common?  What about Eric Clapton, Al Capone and Dr. Janet Continue Reading →