Healing Through ACOA

The mind has time to wander and wonder while walking along a beautiful beach.  Connections and realizations seem to occur more easily when Nature is your companion. Here is how my mind “wandered and wondered” while on a recent vacation. What do Antigua, Eliot Ness and Rutgers University have in common?  What about Eric Clapton, Al Capone and Dr. Janet Continue Reading →

Ancient April Celebrations and Holidays

The rites of Spring are rooted in the old ways of the world.  Through mythology and god/goddess stories, Spring was celebrated as a time of renewal, rebirth and passion.  The earth was now waking up from its winter slumber. Excitement and anticipation were tangible! Here is a sampling of some of the ancient holidays celebrated in April, as taken from Continue Reading →

A Loving Heart

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems a good time to look at the Loving Heart.  We are familiar with the heart’s many physical attributes and functions, as we could not live without these.  But there is more to the Heart than just its physicality. In Ayurvedic tradition, the Heart Chakra presents us with love and compassion;  its shadow side Continue Reading →

Goal Setting and Creativity

As the New Year begins, it is common for folks to start setting new intentions and goals for themselves. New beginnings, new you, new life!  Most people make New Year’s Resolutions, then flounder or fail to follow through on them.  Perhaps taking a look at what makes goal setting work, might prove to be helpful and afford a chance for Continue Reading →

Gemstones and Their Stories

At this time of year, people often give and receive gemstone jewelry pieces as gifts. Most people are familiar with the names of precious and semi-precious stones. But what about the legends, folklore and special significances that have been attributed to them over time?  Thanks to Judy Hall’s book, 101 Power Crystals  here are some of the stories you may Continue Reading →