Quick Fix Meditation

Articles abound regarding the health benefits of taking time to include meditation in our daily care. The health benefits listed include things like greater clarity of thinking, deeper relaxation, better quality sleep, increased productivity, greater creativity, more energy etc.  Most people acknowledge that spending time every day in quiet introspection and relaxation is a great idea.  The question is “How”?  Continue Reading →

Antidote to Bullying

The Universe sends us messages in creative ways – if we are open and listening. This happened recently as I witnessed the ways in which people around our community coped with the recent winter storms and power outages and as I watched a commercial during the World Juniors Hockey Tournament television coverage. Different views, same subject! What I witnessed at Continue Reading →

Turquoise Revealed

In several cultures, December has been associated with the crystal Turquoise.  From geologists to jewelers, miners to healers, ancient cultures to modern collectors, people from all over the world have long been captivated by Turquoise. This name originated in medieval Europe, where traders from Turkey introduced the blue-green gemstones as an exotic luxury. Although the stones were obtained from the Continue Reading →

Emotional Alchemy

In 2001, the term “emotional alchemy” was used by Tara Bennett-Goleman to describe a way of helping reframe and release negative and disturbing emotions.  She brought together the practices of Buddhist psychology and mindfulness with insights from cognitive therapy, psychotherapy and brain science to help people release themselves from mental and emotional habits that prevent them from being happy.  Let’s Continue Reading →

Lightly In The World

Quote to Ponder: This came across my desk from a friend.  It is entitled, “Lightly”. Aldous Huxley was the renowned 20th-century intellectual who wrote the book, “Brave New World”, a dystopian vision of the future.  Later in his life he came to regret one thing:  how “preposterously serious” he had been when he was younger. “There are quicksands all about Continue Reading →

Careful What You Wish For

Birthday cake and candles, four-leaf clover, first star at night, turkey wishbone and Harry Potter’s magic spells are just some of the ways in which we have learned to cast our wishes and hope that magic brings them into reality.  People wish for all sorts of things – for themselves and others. Some wishes are for good things, some for Continue Reading →

Reflections and Affirmations

Summer is a time when we give ourselves permission to slow down and take a breather from the hectic pace of daily life. What a great time to just let yourself ponder, meditate and reflect upon things that might otherwise be too time-consuming to consider. Sort of like day-dreaming. When the mind is still, we have a chance to be present and open Continue Reading →