Aroma Genera Revisited

It’s been awhile since we reviewed the fundamentals of Aroma-Genera Therapy.  This aromatherapy treatment modality was developed and introduced in the 1990’s by Valerie Ann Worwood, a British aromatherapist.  Her 1995 book, The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood and Emotion helped introduce, explain and outline some aspects of the Aroma-Genera typologies and treatments to the masses.  Although the number of practicing Registered Aroma-Genera Practitioners is quite small in North America, the work is still as potent now as it was in the 90’s.

So what is Aroma-Genera?  It is a system that uses personality types and corresponding essential oils to access physiological or psychological events which may impede physical healing, emotional well-being and life in general.  These events often hold factors that have restricted a person’s advancement and true personality.  By exposing imposed or adopted personality traits, these can then be dealt with.

How does Aroma-Genera work?  It works through olfaction (sense of smell) and memory by using the Set of Nine aroma personality types in a particular way.  These specifically blended essential oils help access thoughts, feelings, memories, sensations and motivations which come to be through the Limbic System of the brain.  No two people will have the same reactions with the same oils, because no two people have exactly the same life experiences in the exactly same setting, with the same circumstances, thoughts, emotions and people.  The aromatic keys that open up and illuminate for one person may do absolutely nothing for another. But something will!  Something always does!

Why would we do Aroma-Genera for ourselves?  The answer is simple and yet no so simple.  It helps a person become free and become who they truly are;  who they are truly meant to be.  The work helps a person acknowledge their worth and importance which allows for expansion and growth.  The states of abundance, general and impoverished help describe each Genera;  our goal is to be in our Abundant State for our happiness and health to flourish.

There are 9 Personality Types in Aroma-Genera with a corresponding essential oil blend for each type. The Personality Types are named after the part of the plant from which each oil in the blend is derived.  For instance:  the Fruitie Personality Type has an essential oil blend consisting exclusively of fruit peel oils.  Each Personality Type has positive and negative qualities, attitudes and behaviours which combine to uplift the Genera Type into an Abundant state or lower it into an Impoverished state.  By using the Personality Type blends, a person can discover what is needed for Balance and Abundance to be theirs.

The 9 Personality Types are grouped into three Triads.  Each Triad has its own set of qualities and characteristics, which are expressed through the individual Personality Types in slightly different ways.

Group One:  The Motional Motivators
These are the personality types that use Thought instinctively. When emotional, they become reactive/action oriented;  “Act before I Feel”
Core emotion for this triad is Anger.  Their core wish is for Autonomy.
Health issues are generally found in the cardiovascular, mucous membranes, lymphatics, and skeletal system
Aroma Genera Types include:  Resinie, Woodie and Rootie

Group Two:  The Emotional Motivators
These are the personality types that use Feelings instinctively.  when emotional, they become expressive/dramatic;  “Feel before I Act”
Core emotion for this triad is Guilt.  Their core wish is for Attention.
Health issues are generally found in the digestive system, throat, reproductive system and endocrine system
Aroma Genera Types include:  Floral, Herbie and Seedie

Group Three:  The Observational Motivators
These are the personality types that use Action instinctively.  When emotional, they use consideration;  “Think before I Act or Feel”.
Core emotion for this triad is Fear.  Their core wish is for Security.
Health issues are generally found in the nervous system, urinary system, ocular eye and respiratory system
Aroma Genera Types include:  Spicie, Fruitie and Leafie

There is still more to learn about Aroma Genera. The full extent of Aroma Genera can only be truly understood by experiencing it.  It is through experiencing the Nine Personality Oils that you have the opportunity to discover the aromatic keys to life’s abundance and balance that are just for you.  Truly for you.


Article written by Pat Antoniak Registered Nurse-Registered Aromatherapist and owner of the Natural Comfort Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen, BC.

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