2017 is Number One in Numerology

Numerology is the study of a cosmic code that uses numbers for its symbols. Each number is a symbol for a truth which can assist with personal awareness and growth. Each number has unique qualities and associations which make for a more in depth understanding of ourselves and our world. Numerolgy is used for insight into both who we are and the world in which we live.  Many systems of numerology are used throughout the world and have been used for thousands of years. The most common system used in the Western World is the Pythagorean system.

Basically, in numerology a series of numbers is added up until it is reduced to one digit for interpretation (eg. 1940  becomes 1+9+4+0=14  which becomes 1+4= 5).  In some cases, the series may create a double number refered to as a Master Number (eg. 44), in which case it is left that way for interpretation.  Using this method, what do we get for the date 2017?  2+0+1+7 becomes 10 which becomes 1.  This means that the influence for 2017 will be a Number One year.

What are some of the qualities of number One?  I have referenced this information from Ruth Drayer’s book,  Numerology: The Power in Numbers.

The number One represents the drive to initiate and push things forward. One represents the sun and the intellect and is considered masculine in nature.  Ones are the bosses, leaders, visionaries and pioneers. They can seem ahead of their time.  They are the “idea people”. Ones can come across as domineering, aggressive or may seem to be poor listeners. The number One is a strong, independent symbol standing with feet firmly on the ground and head in the clouds listening only to their inner voice.  “Beginnings” is a word that holds special meaning to number Ones.

The number One’s key element is Courage;  its symbol is the flame.  Its musical note is C.  Its flower is the lilac. Gemstones associated with One include turquoise, copper, moss agate and aquamarine.

Number One calls out to you to stand independently and live courageously.  It is a special time to be finding YOU, believing, validating and approving yourself, not looking at others for approval.  The only person who can live your life is you.

Number One Attainment is to attain an abundance of inner strength and personal power.  It is to attain “oneness” with the God/Goddess/Universal Life Force and to live each day with integrity and great courage.

Words and letters that total One include:
integrity,  spirit,  sunshine, sincere;  the letters A, J and S.

From these descriptors, it sounds like New Year 2017 is a great time to set a course in the direction of what we truly want in our lives and want of ourselves. If ever you wished to make changes, it looks like Number One will be here to support your decisions this year.  Good luck with all your New Year’s dreams and resolutions!


Article written by Pat Antoniak Registered Nurse – Registered Aromatherapist and owner of the Natural Comfort Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen, BC.



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